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Brachioplasty Procedure Drains

Are your upper arms looking unsatisfactory? The sagging skin is known to many as “bat wings” is something you do not have to deal with forever. A Brachioplasty procedure, or an arm lift, is a surgical way to remove this skin.

Your Brachioplasty procedure incisions may need small plastic drains immediately after the procedure. These will be inserted in order to take out the excess fluids that can result from plastic surgery. Too much fluid leads to seromas and hematomas, so when drains are necessary, they’re vital for the prevention of complications.

One day after the brachioplasty procedure, your drains may be taken out by a qualified medical professional. For more on this step of the procedure and other considerations, arrange an appointment by contacting us. All your questions will be answered by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik, a skilled practitioner with numerous satisfied patients. Get in touch today.


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