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Botox has been a popular cosmetic treatment since the 1990s when it first came out. It is great for individuals who are not necessarily keen on getting a surgical procedure to improve the look of wrinkles and fine lines, but who nonetheless want to look and feel their best. The treatment involves a series of injections on the face that block the facial nerves and muscles, preventing them from contracting. This minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, making the patient feel younger.

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Another reason why Botox is so appealing is because the results are not permanent. Effects of Botox wear off about four months following the treatment, at which point patients can choose to redo the treatment or opt for something else. There are no scars or marks left over from the Botox, so that takes out a lot of worry from the patients as well.

Here at Body Sculptor, Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik has performed countless Botox treatments for patients in Chicago safely and quickly. The treatment only takes a few minutes, and no down time is necessary. Many patients come in during their lunch breaks for Botox and can enjoy its many benefits right away.

However, aside from the cosmetic benefits Botox offers, research has shown that the treatment has other benefits as well, including improving the health of patients who suffer from muscular dystrophy or migraines. Because Botox inhibits the contraction of muscles, it can relieve the pain associated with these medical problems or even improve the symptoms completely.

Botox has also made headlines recently after a popular celebrity admitted to its use. While some Hollywood celebs aren’t too keen on unveiling the fact that they’ve had some cosmetic work done, one world-famous singer has no qualms about coming forward and admitting he is a fan of Botox – John Mayer.

Rocker John Mayer has come forward to admit that he has been getting Botox injections, but not on the face where they are usually administered. The singer has actually been undergoing Botox treatments to his vocal cords after suffering from a growth that has affected his ability to use his voice.

Mayer developed a nodule in his throat earlier this year and underwent surgery to have it removed. However, the growth returned, threatening his career. It was then that Mayer turned to Botox to help heal his throat.

The Botox was injected in his neck and works to freeze the muscles in his vocal cords so they won’t contract, allowing the nodule to heal without further irritation from the contractions. And heal is exactly what the treatments did for Mayer’s throat.

If you have considered getting Botox in Chicago  as well for cosmetic or medical reasons, contact Dr. Otto Placik today to schedule a consultation and discuss your best options.  Dr. Placik will thoroughly examine you and determine the best areas where the Botox should be administered for optimal results. Call today to schedule a visit with the Body Sculptor cosmetic surgery facility in Chicago to experience quality cosmetic treatments that will have you looking and feeling your best.


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