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What are the Benefits of Chicago Breast Reduction Surgery for Women and Men?

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While it is more common to hear about Chicago breast enhancement treatments, many individuals want the opposite for themselves – smaller breasts. Some women – and men – have a large bust that interfere with their daily activities and affects their self esteem. Some women’s breasts are larger than normal, which can lead to back problems and overall pain. Large breasts can also affect self esteem for both women and especially men. It can be difficult to find clothing that fits and for men, taking their shirt off in public is something they avoid altogether because of their larger chest areas.

However, there is a way to treat this condition permanently. Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik offers innovative breast reduction surgery for patients in the area that will not only reduce the size of the breasts, but reshape them and improve the individual’s overall health. The procedure can also be used to reduce the size of the areola, the dark skin that surrounds the nipple, and can also reposition the areola and nipple for both women and men.


Enlarged breasts in women present themselves in two forms: macromastia and gigantomastia. Macromastia is a condition in which breasts are greater than 500 gm. It causes breasts to sag and leads to pain in the back, head, shoulders, and neck. However, the problem can also cause secondary health issues, including poor circulation and impaired breathing. Woman afflicted with gigantomastia have breasts that are greater than 1,000 gm. The symptoms are the same for this condition, if not worse because the breasts are even larger. Reducing the size of the breasts through surgery, a procedure also known as Reduction Mammaplasty, can drastically improve the patient’s health and self esteem.


Men can also suffer from enlarged breasts, although the condition is not to the extent that women may face. Chicago breast reduction for men is often referred to as Gynecomastia Correction. Although most men experience an enlargement of the breasts during puberty, it is a condition that usually resolves on its own by the age of 18. However, some men struggle with enlarged breasts their whole lives, even those who are in good physical shape.  Breast reduction surgery can help Chicago male patients look and feel their best, so they do not have to feel self conscious about their chests.

What to Expect

Chicago breast reduction surgery can take between two to four hours. Dr. Placik will make an incision that follows the natural contour of the breast, and will remove excess breast tissue, fat and skin from the breasts. Then the nipple, areola, and underlying breast tissue are then moved to a higher location, so the overall shape of the breast and contour will be improved.

Patients may experience some pain after the procedure and can expect to wear support garments and surgical dressings for about a week. Then, a soft bra will be work for about two weeks until the breasts are healed. Patients can return to work in about one week and gradually resume exercise and more strenuous activities after three to four weeks.

If you have been suffering from enlarged breasts, contact Chicago, IL cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Otto Placik, today to see how the procedure can change your life.


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