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Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures here in Chicago, as well as across the world. But while many patients flaunt their newly slim and contoured physiques following their procedures, one lipo patient has shocked the world after revealing they saved the excess fat that was removed with the treatment and what they did with it was unique, to say the least.

Artist 1

Miami artist Orestes De La Paz seeks to join the ranks of other famous performance artists who have come before him by showing off a very unusual piece of performance art at the Frost Art Museum on the Florida International University (FIU) campus – soap made from his own fat.

In the patient’s defense, most soaps are made of fat after all, but this is one strange post-surgery revelation no less.

De La Paz, an FIU grad himself, underwent liposuction surgery last December, which removed roughly three liters of fat from his body. Instead of having that fat medically discarded, as is customary, the artist decided to get a little creative and with his doctor’s permission, turned the fat into soap and displayed his project in an exhibit titled “Making Soap” for his senior thesis.

“As a performance artist, I wanted to really use my life as a document of my work,” said De La Paz.

The idea to turn to fat into soap came to him when his liposuction doctor explained that the fat would rot if it wasn’t transformed into something else. De La Paz said he learned that soap can be made from mixing fat and sodium hydroxide in a chemistry class, and went ahead with the strange project.

De La Paz admitted he suffered from self-esteem issues from being overweight and the idea of making something positive (soap) out of something most people consider negative (excess fat), was appealing to him. He hopes that with the exhibit, others who are self-conscious about their weight or anything else they might be ashamed of can see that even with the most negative of things, positive can come out of it.

The “Making Soap” exhibit an through Sunday, May 19, but if you didn’t have the chance to catch the exhibit, you can actually take a piece of it home with you. De La Paz is actually selling his unique soaps for $1,000 a bar.

While not everyone may want to save their excess fat from liposuction, some people frequently transfer fat to other areas of the body to enhance those regions, such as the face, buttocks or breasts. This is a much more common way to reuse the fat that is removed through lipo and using it to the patient’s own advantage.

If you have considered undergoing liposuction to eliminate stubborn fat in the abdomen, thighs, hips, or other areas in Chicago, contact experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik here at Body Sculptor to determine the most favorable method for your unique body type and cosmetic goals.


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