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There have been a lot of rumors going around about Amanda Bynes and her seeming obsession with plastic surgery, but which ones are true and which ones are just media elaborations? Fear not Bynes fans, for the former actress, has decided to square away all rumors, providing the public with a detailed explanation of why she underwent plastic surgery.

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Turning to her favorite social media outlet last week, Twitter, Bynes posted several messages regarding her opinion of plastic surgery and medicine in general.

Starting off, Bynes wrote, “surgery is my favorite topic.” And by “topic,” Bynes explains she is alluding to the word “ ‘topical,’ as in, relating to an area of the body.”

Bynes transitions into explaining she has a passion for “the intellectual history of medicine,” specifically how social norms have evolved over the years. Bynes mentioned how the dated belief that keeping “humors,” or bodily fluids, in check in order to stay healthy was once a common and popular practice.

Bynes then took the notion of humors and compared it to modern-day norms and customs in society, as if to attack those who have accused her of getting too much plastic surgery – specifically four nose jobs to correct what she calls “webbing” between her eyes by shaving down the bridge of her nose.

Many have criticized the 27-year-old’s decision to undergo multiple plastic surgery treatments, saying the surgeries were unnecessary, and to a certain extent, there is truth to that belief. As an experienced Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Otto Placik explains that it shouldn’t take more than two Rhinoplasty surgeries to correct a physical or cosmetic problem in the nose. However, Bynes claims she had surgery as a way to experiment with different cultural norms, not for her health or any other reason.

“It was an (admittedly gonzo!) experiment,” explained Bynes. “The basic idea [of undergoing plastic surgery] was to experience for myself a popular procedure in the hopes of understand[ing] its cross-cultural appeal.”

Yet, it seems as though the experiment didn’t have much of a positive impact on Bynes.

“Do I understand its appeal? I can’t say that I do,” she added.

For many, plastic surgery procedures can correct physical deformities, leading to a greater quality of life for the patient, while for others, surgery is done for purely cosmetic reasons. In either case, the result is usually a very satisfied individual with increased self-confidence.

In response to the media accusing her of being unsatisfied with her body and undergoing multiple plastic surgeries as a solution – one that will never be achieved – Bynes has a special message.

“Is breaking the bridge of one’s nose to achieve happiness any “crazier” than keeping tabs on one’s phlegm and bile levels? Depends on your insurance!”

What Bynes is trying to say is that while she may be criticized for her multiple surgeries, there have been other – and stranger – methods of improving happiness that individuals have dabbled with throughout the years, each at one point being considered perfectly normal.

However, Bynes should take a little more care with herself than to “experiment” with her body. Plastic surgery is a medical procedure that should not be taken lightly. If she takes it too far, she may end up placing her health at risk.


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