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Full voluptuous lips are something that many women and even some men would love to have. Do you agree? That is why many go to see their Chicago plastic surgeon to learn more about the several ways in which they can have their lips enlarged, either by surgery or injections.

If you are considering having your lips enlarged for a fuller pout, your Chicago plastic surgeon will tell you about the procedures offered. Some of those include lip implants, surgical incisions, or even by injection.

For those who would like a more permanent solution for their lip enhancement, lip implants or even surgical incisions would be best. Implants can easily be inserted and will give a long lasting fuller appearance. As for surgical incisions, your surgeon will simply make meticulous incisions to allow more of the red, slightly inside your lip to show, also giving your lips a larger appearance.

If you are looking for something less invasive and less permanent, lip injections may be the right solution. Your Chicago plastic surgeon will simply inject your lips with a filler that will plump up your lips for several months at a time.

To learn more about lip enhancements, call your Chicago plastic surgeon for a consultation.


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