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shutterstock_110297801Rippling is a common concern for many women considering breast augmentation, and occurs when the normal folds of a breast implant can be seen or felt through the breast tissue. Though there are a number of factors that can cause visible breast implant rippling, there are also a few ways you can minimize your risk with these simple strategies.

1. Opt For Silicone Implants over Saline

Research shows that over time, a certain amount of wrinkling is inevitable with liquid-filled saline implants. Though some surgeons recommend overfilling saline implants to offset this possibility, overfilling isn’t a guarantee of prevention. Choosing gel-filled silicone implants for your breast augmentation ensures a much lower likelihood of ripples developing.

2. Place Implants under the Muscle

Your surgeon has the option to position an implant either on top of or under the muscle during an augmentation. Submuscular implant placement results in a thicker barrier between the implant and the breast surface, greatly reducing the chances of implant visibility and palpability. The majority of plastic surgeons place implants in this pocket; however, there is a greater risk of distortion with muscular contraction.

3. Choose the Right Size and Shape Implant

You can choose from a range of implant sizes and shapes, including round and teardrop. The right implant size and shape for you depends on your appearance preferences and natural anatomy, and getting the perfect match means a lower chance of seeing wrinkles later on. While tear drop implants tend to be fabricated of a firmer silicone which has fewer tendencies for rippling, the surface must be textured (‘fuzzy”) in order to minimize implant rotation. Some patients do not like the more “fixed” and firmer feel of these implants. A skilled breast augmentation surgeon can explain how your choice of implant will influence your final outcome, and help you select the best implant size and shape for you to create your ideal results.

4. Options to Correct Rippling Once It Occurs

When rippling does occur, an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Placik is familiar with performing a thorough analysis of the causes and offering options for correction which may include: an implant exchange, pocket change, supplemental use of available biomaterials, and/or the possible use of fat transfer.  


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