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Beautiful Blond In LingerieThe average person might believe that breast augmentation is a young lady’s game, but the 2013 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons tell a different story: over 47 percent of all breast augmentations were performed last year in women over the age of 35. What makes 40 such a fantastic age for breast enlargement?

1. Your Family’s Complete

Once the fourth decade hits, most women find that their “baby years” are behind them, even if they still have little ones still at home. Although there’s no physical reason why you can’t choose to have breast implants or fat transfer breast augmentation before becoming pregnant, so many women find that their breast size, shape, and profile change significantly after pregnancy and nursing that it makes more sense to wait until their families are complete before considering cosmetic surgery.

2. Catch Aging Early

Like other parts of the body, your breasts will change subject to aging and the effects of gravity. In the breasts, this can result in a lower placement, softer texture, and droopier appearance. Breast augmentation with implants and or fat transfer with the benefits of reducing unwanted fatty deposits (sometimes in combination with a breast lift) can help perk your figure right back up again so you never have to worry that your breasts betray your true age.

3. You Deserve the Best

By age 40, most women find they’re finally coming into their own, with a powerful self-confidence and conviction in your own self-worth that can have a tremendous impact on the decisions you make about everything in your life, including cosmetic procedures. Why breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer at age 40? Why not! You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and 40 is the perfect time to celebrate your successes by bringing out the best in your body with arguably the best breast augmentation Chicago has.


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