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Labiaplasty has seen a significant increase in popularity over the past few years and is also one of the procedures that consistently has one of the highest post-surgical satisfaction ratings on the plastic surgery site RealSelf. Whether trim ( “edge”) or wedge labiaplasty should be used during surgery is often the subject of much debate, and the former is typically surrounded by three misconceptions. Dr. Placik has performed hundreds of both the trim and wedge procedures for well over 10 years. He has been invited to teach and present on the subject in addition to participation and authoring of multiple research projects and book chapters on Female Genital Plastic Surgery.

1. You’ll Lose Sensation

One argument frequently raised against the use of trim labiaplasty insists that sensation loss is an inevitable casualty. This simply is not the case. My own experience has shown time and again that trim labiaplasty is not only perfectly safe, but that sensitivity can certainly be maintained. We are in the process of preparing an article that has been accepted for publication on this subject.

2. You Should Keep Your Natural Edge

Trim labiaplasty removes the natural edge of the labia, which some detractors say makes it an inferior procedure, arguing that the labia will look too obviously surgical after recovery. The reality is that many women feel self-conscious about the darker coloration on the edges of the natural labia, enough so that removing those edges is often a primary motivating factor in undergoing labiaplasty at all. Performed skillfully, trim labiaplasty can look just as flattering as wedge labiaplasty. We offer both procedures and are competent in completing either technique. When comparing photos of surgical results at the time of the initial consultation, many of the patients prefer the appearance of the trim labiaplasty. We invite you to view before and after photos available on our website.

3. Wedge Labiaplasty Wins

While wedge labiaplasty is the newer surgical technique, that doesn’t mean it is inherently better. There are definitive benefits to either the wedge or trim method of performing labiaplasty, but the choice of which option is best comes down to your surgeon’s expertise, your anatomy, and the personal preference of you and your surgeon. The question isn’t whether one approach is superior in a general sense, but only whether one might be better for you in particular.

Author: Dr. Otto Placik

Dr. Otto Placik is a Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Chicago, a leader in the field of body sculpting, and is recognized for his artistry in a wide range of modern cosmetic enhancements.


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