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At Body Sculptor, Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik has performed many reconstructive cosmetic procedures on patients who have suffered an accident, leaving behind extensive physical damage to the body and face.

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Treatments such as Rhinoplasty and unique Chicago scar revision surgery can give an individual a chance at a new life after suffering extensive trauma – both physical and mental – following an injury.

Although there are certain age restrictions when it comes to performing plastic surgery on young patients, one young girl has been rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency plastic surgery after being attacked by a dog at a family event on Saturday.

The little girl, only 11-years old, was at a family gathering held at her uncle’s house in Cottonwood Heights, UT on Saturday when the incident took place. The girl’s uncle was holding owned a pit bull and had the dog placed in a back room to avoid any incidents. However, not knowing that the dog was inside the room, the little girl opened the door and was attacked around 1 p.m.

She was rushed to Primary Children’s Medical Center for “fairly extensive facial injuries,” but according to Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Gary Young, she is stable, doing well and awaiting plastic surgery to correct the damage caused by the dog.

Immediately following the incident, the girl’s uncle called police to report the accident and asked that animal control take the dog. However, no charges will be filed against him because he had taken the necessary precautions to protect his loved ones against the animal.

Sgt. Young does not know what prompted the dog to attack the young victim or how long the girl’s uncle had owned the dog.

“Unfortunately the 11-year-old opened the wrong door at the wrong time and the dog attacked her,” said Sgt. Young. “It’s a tragic incident.”

The names of the victims and loved ones have yet to be released, as well as the extent of the damage caused by the pit bull. However, chances are high that the little girl will make a full recovery and plastic surgery will correct the damage.

Millions of people around the world have turned to plastic surgery to correct a physical deformity following an accident like this one, or merely to improve a physical feature they were unhappy with. This is a great example of just how much plastic surgery can help a patient regain their life.

Facial wounds cannot be covered up, especially if the scars are deep or the patient’s facial bones have been severely fractured. However, cosmetic treatments can fix many of these problems and help patients get back to their regular lives and leave behind the trauma.

Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik has performed many reconstructive treatments and has helped patients surpass the trauma caused by the injuries. If you live in the Chicago area and would like to consult with Dr. Placik regarding a reconstructive plastic surgery treatment, call Body Sculptor today to schedule a visit and see how Dr. Placik can put his expertise to use and help you obtain the results you both desire and deserve.


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