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Mommy Makeover and Labiaplasty

Delivering a child is one of life’s many miracles. Months of hard work, discomfort and sickness are immediately rewarded the minute that you hold your child for the first time. While becoming a mother is an exciting and wonderful stage in your life, the experience of childbirth can be rigorous. It isn’t easy on your body and sometimes your body never fully reverts back to its previous state after childbirth.

Here at Dr. Placik’s office we want to help meet your specific needs after childbirth. Mommy Makeovers are a good way to help you get back to looking great and feeling good about yourself after you have had a baby.

Childbirth and Your Body

Delivering a child can have many physical effects on your body:

  • Stretch marks
  • Loose skin
  • Increased weight
  • Torn birth canal
  • Stretched and loosened labia

If you have any of these effects after pregnancy, you are like millions of women nationwide! Exercise may not be able to get rid of some of the effects of pregnancy. Dr. Placik is an experienced plastic surgeon in Chicago and has helped his patients to feel good about their selves after pregnancy. So whether you are a new mom or have been raising children for years, Dr. Placik would love to help you look the way you want!

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One method that is gaining more traction in the United States to help fix stretched and loose labia is called a labiaplasty. Sometimes after childbirth, new mothers may notice a change in their sex life- maybe their self-confidence has dropped due to bodily changes, or maybe they have always felt dissatisfied with the physical appearance of their vagina.

Labiaplasties have been around for a while; however, they are becoming more popular as more women are realizing that they can take pro-active steps to help achieve the appearance they want. At Dr. Placik’s office, a labiaplasty is tailored to suit your needs. Dr. Placik can help to correct large or misshapen labial skin, a labia minora reduction, which can help women to feel more comfortable about their appearance. Enlarged labia can be the result of several pregnancies and can cause physical discomfort, embarrassment, and some difficult hygiene considerations.

If you live in Chicago and are interested in learning more about labiaplasty or other Mommy Makeover options, please contact the office of Chicago cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Otto Placik to schedule a personal consultation.

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