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Plastic Surgery for Men

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What is Gynecomastia and what can be done about it?
Gynecomastia is a medical condition characterized by overdevelopment of male breasts. While some men may just have extra weight in their breasts, Gynecomastia is an actual problem that causes male breasts to develop with feminine qualities. It is a more common procedure than most realize, but luckily there is treatment available. Dr. Placik performs male breast reduction to end the embarrassing physical effects of Gynecomastia.

Am I a good candidate for male breast reduction?
If you are self-conscious about overly developed breast tissue, chances are you are a good candidate for the breast reduction procedure. For men that are simply overweight, it is first advised that diet and exercise be used to reduce fatty tissue in the breasts. Dr. Placik performs male breast reduction cosmetic surgery on individuals who are in good health – men who have a good elasticity of the skin make the best candidates for this procedure.

What can I expect during recovery after male breast reduction?
Following surgery to correct Gynecomastia, patients can expect some swelling and bruising. You may need to wear a pressure garment for a 2-3 weeks to protect the area, minimize fluid accumulation and encourage healing. Many patients return to work just a few days after the procedure. You will need to return to our office in 1 to 2 weeks for a wound check and to check your progress. Stitches are usually absorbable and do not need to be removed. Heavy exercise and strenuous activities will be restricted for about three weeks, and sports which leave the chest area vulnerable are restricted for a bit longer. Final results may take as long as 3 months to be noticeable in full.

Am I a good candidate for a male facelift?
The male facelift plastic surgery procedure is increasing in popularity as men begin to realize the unique benefits. While some men may grow more “distinguished” with age, others may feel self-conscious about the signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging skin, hardened jowls, and neck ripples. If you wish to reverse the clock for a rejuvenated, refreshed facial appearance, a facelift may be your perfect solution. The only way to tell if a facelift can accomplish your cosmetic goals is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Placik.

What procedures can be used to enhance the result of a male facelift?
The facelift is a great comprehensive plastic surgery procedure that addresses many signs of aging at once. But choosing to have an additional facial procedure can give you a dramatically younger look in just one procedure. If you are considering a facelift, also look at the benefits of a necklift, forehead lift, blepharoplasty, facial liposuction, chin surgery, cheek surgery, facial peels, scar revision, rhinoplasty, BOTOX®, laser skin resurfacing, or otoplasty.

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