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Chin Surgery

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Surgery of the chin and/or jaw is available to correct a number of conditions including a small/weak, setback/recessed, jutting/projecting, vertically long, or asymmetric chin.

Although the operation may be straightforward, the decision making process may be complex. Deciding on the proper procedure necessitates an in-person consultation, a dental examination, and may require the use of special x-ray studies. The earliest recommended age for genioplasty is usually the mid-teenage years when the jaw has attained its anticipated growth and form.

It is important that your chin fit in with the general configuration of your face and profile. It is for this reason that your surgeon may also advise an alteration of your neck (cervicoplasty) or nose (rhinoplasty) at the time of your chin surgery.

Depending on the surgical procedure selected, an outpatient approach is usually suitable for genioplasty which can be carried out under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. This procedure usually takes approximately one to three hours to perform. Incisions are placed beneath the chin for implants or inside the mouth for bone surgery. Chin surgery produces moderate discomfort which can be controlled by medication. Antibiotics will be prescribed to minimize the chance of infection.

Enlargement of the chin can be performed with the use of implants or via reshaping of the jaw bone necessitating plates/screws/wires. Implants are available in a variety of materials. Reduction of the chin typically requires reshaping of the jaw bone. Questions about the technique, size, and type of implant to be used, as well as any concerns about the safety and present status of implants will be discussed during consultation with your surgeon.

Following surgery, you will be asked to keep your head elevated and a compressive dressing is applied to the chin for one week. Much of the swelling and discoloration will have disappeared by that time but the duration of these factors varies. You can be up and about within a day, but strenuous activity and heavy lifting should be avoided for approximately three weeks for implant surgery and six to twelve weeks for bone surgery. Diminished lower lip sensation is not uncommon and usually improves with time.

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Manor Care Post-Operative Recovery

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